Capstone Foster Care: a commitment to excellence

At Community Update, we take pride in showcasing the very best services provided by people, companies and charities that provide a wealth of benefits for their community. As such, in this issue we are proud to announce that we have selected the Capstone Foster Care as the recipient of our Commitment to Excellence Award.

With over ten years of experience and around 600 fostering families, Capstone Foster Care provides a unique therapeutic approach with its in-house clinical approach. Priding itself on a service that is adaptive, flexible and responsive means that when a child is placed within a therapeutically-supported foster home, clinical support will start within the first two weeks. Capstone also founded Capstone Care Leavers Trust, a charity supporting young people leaving care with grants to help them succeed. This distinctive and unique approach creates the safest, loving environment for every individual child. Not only are the children fully supported but each foster family receives 24/7 help and support from a dedicated Supervising Social Worker and an out-of-hours service. 

It is clear to see why Capstone is committed to excellence as each child is fully believed in, giving them a brighter future and the special relationship between social worker and foster carer reflects the commitment to making a difference to each child’s life. Social Workers receive ongoing training enabling them to use the Capstone ethos of being fully supportive, equipping and committed to each family and child in their care. 

Capstone Foster Care recognises that the only way to achieve excellence is by investing in foster carers. It seeks to promote a caring motivated team of foster carers through relevant induction and continuous professional development in order to deliver high-quality services to the children and young people in its care and for their families. This training programme developed by Capstone Foster Care is compliant with the National Minimum Standards and this ongoing training ensures every therapeutic foster carer feels fully supported in the journey of creating a sense of stability and safety for children with complex needs.

Its recent incentive of recruiting foster carers among the 50+ age group shows how their life-experiences become invaluable for the children in their care. Plus, they have also reviewed how to support foster carers further during this current cost-of-living crisis by giving a winter fuel payment. 

Each child is unique and Capstone Foster Care know that, despite having a challenging start in life, they can provide and create a safe sanctuary for each child and young person with its therapeutic foster care approach. With its amazing team of qualified social workers and foster carers, the company is committed to building a better future together and fully believe in the ability to change a child’s life.

For more information:

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