Conservation is not a luxury: it is a necessity

A recent 2021 report, “In our Hands” supported by Biaza, The British Zoological Society and many zoos stated that at least 76 species native to the UK, Crown Dependencies, and British Overseas Territories have been supported by UK zoos and aquariums.

Lakeland Wildlife Oasis is one such conservation haven: the family-run charity zoo is located in the hamlet of Hale, Milnthorpe – straddled between the Yorkshire Dales National Park and Lake District National Park and is the recipient of our Commitment to Excellence.

The zoo opened 32 years ago, founded by Jo and Dave Marsden – keen conservationists who dreamed of opening their own zoo.

“We have a wide range of animals (as well as tropical plants), from all taxa here at the zoo, including many species visitors may never have heard of or seen before. The zoo’s inhabitants are rich in diversity, from tropical and marine aquaria, including being home to a rich coral reef tank, and one of the only places you can see an Australian Lungfish in the UK. We have many mammals: Snow Leopards, Fossa, Monkeys, Meerkats, Dik-Diks, Potoroos, Armadillo, Cloud Rats, Racoon Dog, Scottish Wildcats, Wallabies and Invertebrates, Amphibians, Reptiles, a variety of birds and much more.

The beauty of our zoo is that you can get up close to a diverse range of animals with walk-through enclosures directly inside animal habitats – including our indoor tropical halls with free-flying birds and bats, our lemur walk-through and our African Bird Aviary. Our leopard tunnel – a Perspex tunnel goes through one of our snow leopard enclosures, where you often will often see a snow leopard sitting up on top of the tunnel.

The diversity of the collection makes it the perfect spot for any animal lovers as well as those keen on helping this charity make a difference in conservation and education.”- Ruth Cooper: Business Manager.
Every day there is a variety of keeper talks, where visitors can learn all about the individual animals and species living at the zoo, including threats and conservation. Throughout the calendar year, there are monthly events to keep everyone happy, from small children to conservation enthusiasts, such as these summer ones:

June 29 & 30 – Madagascar Weekend. Madagascan trails, activities and food to raise money for the Madagascan Conservation Charity – Mikajy Natiora.
·August 24 – Bat Night – Late-night opening where visitors can experience native bat trails around the zoo, themed talks, trails and activities all whilst exploring the zoo after hours.


Stand up for wildlife today! Come and learn about many new animal species!
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