Creating Amazing Gardens where Nature can thrive

At Community Update, we take pride in showcasing the very best services provided by people, companies and charities that provide a wealth of benefits for their community. As such, in this issue we are proud to announce that we have selected J.K. Conservation Projects as a recipient of our Commitment to Excellence Award.

J.K. Conservation Projects was established by Jack Kaczynski in 2015, and he was inspired following his BSc Degree in Environmental Conservation and passion for the natural world. Jack is based in Nottingham and will work across all the surrounding areas of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Loughborough, South Yorkshire and the East Midlands.

Jack told us, “I would describe myself as a creative wildlife designer, and I enjoy creating wildlife ponds and waterfalls which is different to most other gardeners out there. I was always passionate about the environment and nature right through childhood, and this work gives me the best of both worlds.”

Jack always noticed that most gardens were often empty lawn-only spaces, and he wanted to help nature to thrive in these outdoor areas. He offers a friendly, reliable Garden Design and Pond Creation service, and specialises in wildlife gardens, bespoke ponds, meditation gardens, sensory gardens, nature trails and rockeries. 

Jack continued, “I like to create somewhere where nature is central, I love projects which ultimately attract insects and birds rather than just look pretty. Encouraging bio-diversity is really important in my work, and I love to re-visit projects some years later to see how they have established, and which wildlife has been attracted.”

The online reviews of J.K. Conservation Projects are amazing, including “We had a pond which was a sort of wildlife/ornamental hybrid. We wanted a wildlife pond. The banks were steep and there were some space issues. Jack gave us his vision of how it could pan out. He then realised that vision. The result was fantastic. We can’t recommend Jack highly enough.” And a second reviewer put, “Jack transformed my 10 x 8m lawn into a beautiful garden with habitats for wildlife, including a pond, and planting to attract pollinators.”

J.K. Conservation Projects is dedicated to turning even the smallest spaces into inviting places for people and wildlife. Throughout the designing, creating and planting process, Jack prefers to promote greener options and consciously has nature at the heart of his work.

For more information:

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