Hampshire seamstress offers antidote to fast fashion and cost-of-living crisis

‘Make Do and Mend’ was a strategic Government pamphlet distributed to British housewives during WWII. It gave illustrated tips on frugal, thrifty clothing upcycling, during a time of strict rationing. The culture of thrifty darning and clothing alterations continued well after the war, with generations of children taught how to repair and preserve clothing longevity. The recent dawning of ‘fast fashion’ though, has seen the mass undoing of ‘make do and mend’ generations.

“Whole generations now can’t darn a sock or even sew a simple button on: we’ve lost the art of make do and mend” commented Manager Sarah Levinge: Reads of Winchester: an expert sewing machine retailer and local clothing alterations specialist. 

“We sell affordable sewing machines, at £200: it’s the perfect antidote to the current cost-of-living expense crisis. There are beautiful vintage dress patterns, perfect for boho summer weddings, that can be made at the fraction of retailed dresses or affordable, stylish, children’s patterns for cash-strapped families. 

We sell Janone sewing machine models, widely considered to be today’s affordable answer to the iconic Singer sewing machines, along with Bernette and Jaguar sewing machines, reconditioned patterns, needles and haberdashery.”

Sarah Levinge has worked as an accomplished seamstress since 1998, originally employed by Mr Read in his Winchester sewing machine shop and clothing alterations service. In 2001, she took over the well-established business and has been supporting the local Hampshire community ever since, through sewing machine sales and repairs, and clothing alterations.

“We get a lot of repeat business from customers requiring clothing alterations- we can do everything from prom dresses, work clothing to everyday attire, including zip, hook and button replacements, jacket alternations, and button hole re-sewing. In addition, now that the local Haberdashery shop has sadly closed, we offer a selection of patchwork material, haberdashery and sewing machine parts. 

Furthermore, we can repair any sewing machine models or overlockers through our expert engineer, with a two-three-week lead repair time.”

If you’re looking to create your own thrifty wardrobe in time for summer, why not consider investing in a Janone sewing machine today? 

Contact Sarah Levinge below for further sewing machine sales information:

T 01962 850950