Helping growers grow with eco-water treatment systems.

In this issue of Community Update, we are delighted to announce GROzone Systems UK Ltd with our Commitment to Excellence Award.

The UK horticulture industry is worth over £5bn annually, according to The Chartered Institute of Horticulture, making it one of the country’s most valuable industries. The production sector supplies essential food crops such as fruit and vegetables and the amenity sector grow flowers and plants. 

For this reason, water treatment systems play an important role in preserving plant life and increasing yield. A continuous supply of purified water in the irrigation system is necessary for removing harmful pathogen spores, such as water-borne bacteria but growers are now looking for more sustainable systems.

GROzone is a Herefordshire-based company, specialising in providing water treatment systems for the horticulture sector. Established in 2021 by Charles Tager, an experienced farm manager and successful irrigation business owner; the company has continued to invest in innovative, environmentally-friendly treatment solutions. We caught up with Company Director, Justyna Tager to find out more,

“GROzone supply filtration, aeration and ozonation systems to ensure the water used to irrigate crops, is of the best quality as it has a direct impact on plant health and yield, so it is crucial to get right.

At GROzone, we want to bring innovative, environmentally friendly water treatment solutions to the UK horticultural market with the intent to expand to the agricultural sector too. This includes solutions that may exist in other industries but have not necessarily been established in these sectors yet. Having previous experience in the growing sector, we understand first-hand the challenges faced by growers and are perfectly placed to address any water quality issues they may have.”

Ozonation, provides a chemical-free, environmentally friendly water treatment process, as Justyna outlines,

“The ozonation process creates highly oxygenated water due to Ozone’s high solubility: killing pathogens and bacteria as a result and keeping the water storage facilities and water equipment clear of biofilm. 

Oxygen rich water also supports plant root health, allowing for better nutrient absorption, which in turn saves costs on fertilisers. This is a simple and cost-effective solution for the water treatment, that guarantees results!”

GROzone is delighted to receive our Commitment to Excellence Award,

This award encourages us to keep our focus on what we strive for – providing excellent customer service by working closely with the growers and understanding their requirements rather than being solely driven by sale. 

We are committed to actively searching for innovative, cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions and implementing them on a wider scale to both the horticultural and agricultural market and help growers GRO!”

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