Medical artists offering healing from the outside in

The Little Wren was established in 2015 by Ffion Haf Hughes and is based in Caernarfon, North Wales. From working as a mental health advocate during studying for her master’s degree in art psychotherapy Ffion witnessed first-hand the devastating trauma and affects that end-of-life patients – particularly those with Cancer – had to deal with. From this, Ffion began offering free makeup services for these clients. 

Fast-forward to 2022 and The Little Wren has now grown into a leading clinic in permanent Makeup and Paramedical Tattooing. Offering some of the most advanced treatments in the UK including Advanced Reconstructive Cosmetics, Bespoke Consultations, Skin Treatments, Skin Reconstruction, Micropigmentation, Medical Pigmentation, Hair Simulation, Scar Reformation, as well as specialist treatment for Cleft Lip Correction and Augmentation.

“Primarily, we are a skin specialist clinic offering all kinds of treatment for patients that suffer with cancer, hair loss, alopecia, and many other traumas. We really focus on healing the body from the outside in with services such as camouflage, skin resurfacing, hair stroke simulation, facial augmentation, breast and scarring recovery. We also run an award-winning training academy offering a wide range of aesthetic and advanced aesthetic courses from SPM, Microblading and Medical tattooing,” stated Ffion.

The Little Wren also offers Retreats that offer a bespoke experience of empowerment, encouragement and practical tools to help you find your inner courage and peace. “They invigorate and bring to life a spark within our patients that they have been looking for. They’re about finding yourself amongst the trauma and remembering their beauty and strength. These retreats are for all and offer healing for everyone as we all need nurturing and it’s important to find our inner strength through such uncertain times within todays world,” said Ffion.

The Little Wren specialist retreats are designed to help people heal from the inside out. Promoting  women to empower other women, each retreat helps women to feel connected to self-whilst finding inner beauty and confidence.

Of course, this level of compassion is not a coincidence. From personal experience of dealing with Cancer in her family, Ffion has established a registered charity called the Judith Trust, which is named after her mum and even though is still in the early days of development, she hopes by April 2023 they will be able to offer free treatments for all cancer patients. 

“Regardless of what people have been through, we will try our very best to put a smile back on the face of someone who once thought they would never smile again. You can’t get much more gratitude than that,” mentioned Ffion.

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