‘We leave the house cleaner than when we found it’ – The small decorating company with a big heart.

In this issue of Community Update, we have selected PM Wells Painting and Decorating for our Commitment to Excellence Award for 2023.

We spend many hours at home, with our loved ones and we want our homes to be sanctuaries, hospitable and beautiful in equal measures. From expertise on restoring period proprieties, to choosing an enhancing colour scheme for a particular room, PM Wells Painting & Decorating comes highly recommended across the South West region.

The owner of PM Wells Painting & Decorating is Paul Wells and he came to the industry by accident, as he explains further,

“I started helping out a friend of mine with some painting and decorating jobs during my spare time in Lockdown and I loved it instantly. I worked in financial planning for my day job but enjoyed meeting homeowners and understanding their decorating vision or mood board colour scheme. In January 2021, I took a leap of faith and set up my own company full-time and now have a dedicated team supporting me in all endeavours of the business.

We cover all aspects of interior and exterior painting and decorating, including wallpapering across Saltford, Bristol, Bath, Somerset and South Gloucestershire. We particularly enjoy working on period/character proprieties, such as the Clifton Townhouses. It’s so uplifting to take the property back to its original glory- peeling back the layers on the skirting boards, doors and beams. This is an area that we want to focus on more moving into 2024 and beyond.”

Paul and his team maintain that they offer a ‘good decorators’ price’ for ‘premium workmanship’ and won’t charge astronomical prices. Customer service is very important and something that Paul takes very seriously,

“We will return every call, even if we are fully-booked, as common courtesy. We want to dispel the harmful stereotypes about cowboy traders, who never reply to any customers. We have a very loyal customer base, with many repeat customers, many who trust us with their house key.

We are fully committed to sustainability: we use high-quality dust sheets, rather than disposal plastic ones, create minimal waste and advise our customers on eco-paint, avoiding harmful VOCs

.One area that we are looking into is working with local retirement complexes on colour schemes, especially for dementia residents. I will be attending a ‘colour picking for dementia’ course with the Dulux Training Academy to find out more. Dulux has partnered with the British Research Establishment (BRE) and created a colour palette and design guide especially for dementia sufferers.”

For more information and to read the five-star customer testimonies, see the website below:

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