Avon House: Celebrating & supporting every child

Community Update is delighted to announce the recipient of our Commitment to Excellence Award as Avon House School, who by creating an attentive and caring atmosphere at the school are giving its students the best possible start in life.

Located in the wonderful area of Woodfood Green, Essex, Avon House School is a small and attentive preparatory school for children from the age of three years and above. The children will have three years in Key Stage 1, followed by four years in Key Stage 2 in the Prep Department. Class sizes are small – with a maximum class size of 16 students – and classes are led by experienced teachers with frequent input from specialised teachers in English, maths, science, French, history, geography, music, art and PE.

The school is about much more than your typical primary education, with numerous and diverse extra-curricular activities available for students (mostly free of charge), with a wide number of facilities available to the students.

Avon House School is fast approaching its 100th birthday, an occasion both staff and students are very excited about, and celebrations won’t be in short supply. To provide students with such an exceptional education for near on a century, Avon House School clearly has a winning formula, an ethos which drives the school to continued success.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the education given to students at the school is the continued emphasis on considering the children as individuals with unique personalities. Celebrating differences amongst children and teaching them to embrace individuality has been proven to give students’ confidence which has a direct effect on how they perform academically and how they develop socially, as members of society.

The aim at Avon House School is to ignite a spark within students, to provide them with an appetite for learning and a thirst for knowledge and a curiosity of the wider world. Almost all readers will understand and appreciate the impact a good teacher and role model can have on a child. With the imaginative and energetic teachers at Avon House School, students aren’t likely to have one inspirational teacher like many of us, but to be inspired daily by many members of staff at the school.

Unlike many other schools and a true testament to their unique and successful approach, Avon House School does not select students at the younger years based on academic results. This strategy has proved extremely successful for the school, with the schools most recent 11+ exam results proving exceptional.

For more information, please contact us on:
T 0208 504 1749