English sparkling wines lovingly crafted on East Sussex Vineyards

In this issue of Community Update we are proud to bestow Fox & Fox Mayfield with the coveted Commitment To Excellence Award, for outstanding service in the wine industry.

Fox & Fox Mayfield is an established UK boutique grower producer of gold and platinum award-winning English sparkling wines, exporting to wine merchants across Europe, Scandinavia and Hong Kong.

Owners Jonica and Gerard Fox lovingly grow wine with a panache for exclusive sparkling wines with an English twist. Jonica narrates the journey from grape to vineyard,

“We planted our first vines in the very early days of the English wine renaissance (2004) with an ambition to make exceptional sparkling wines. We both wanted to create something that would be life enhancing and make good use of our land.”

The vineyards sit in an idyllic part of the English Sussex landscape. The clay loam and clay shot through with ironstone shale, provide the perfect conditions for Fox & Fox’s trademark cuvée wines and champagnes. Jonica explains the precision science behind the wines:

“Clay has a number of useful features: it provides excellent nutrition for the vines, winter chill keeps the soil temperature down and mitigates the risk of early frosts by delaying budbreak compared with warmer soils and retains enough moisture in the summer to support the vines through dry periods. It also adds a delicious salinity to the finished wines.”

The vines are carefully monitored, the best grapes producing Burgundian, medium clones for Pinot noir, Pinot Meunier and Pinot gris wines. The clones mature in the Sussex High Weald terroir to produce enticing fruit flavours and aromas. 

Fox & Fox are connoisseurs of vintage and limited edition wines, each cuvée is lovingly, slowly curated from subtle blending.  A limited edition cuvée, “The Elizabethan” was commissioned for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Jonica explains the reaction,

“The Elizabethan has proven to be extremely popular. It’s a joyously, delicious fizz. We are thinking about a celebratory fizz for the coronation of  His Majesty The King but have not found the right name yet!”

Every wine produced by Fox & Fox has the endorsement of The Vegan Society. Using only natural fertilisers, such as plant-based compost or chalk or limestone, the focus is on natural, healthy vines, ensured by further seaweed foliar-feeds. During enabled fermentation, only vegan certified sugar is used. Fox & Fox takes great pride in this endorsement:

“We obtained vegan certification because we wanted to make sure that our wines could be served by any host with complete confidence that their guests would be happy to drink them.”

To see the full range of award-winning cuvées, see below:

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