Jolly Giraffe turns 6 years old

Community Update is proud to present Jolly Giraffes with our Commitment to Excellence Award.

Jolly Giraffes is a family run business that took over from the original ‘Mischief Makers’ play centre in 2017. Based in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, Jolly Giraffes is well-known for its personable touch that comes as a direct result of the great relationship between owner’s mum and daughter – Christine and Rachel.

“Our relationship is really strong and this is clear to the success of the business. We want people to come in as customers but leave as a friend. We also have a fantastic team who really engage with our guests which is why our parties are really popular,” stated Rachel.

Jolly Giraffe host a range of parties in a separate spacious party room that is brightly coloured and full of fun. Throughout the party there are games, dances and lots of exciting ways to celebrate your child’s magical birthday. And, to make it as stress-free as possible for all parents, party bags are included so everyone leaves happy.

The play centre caters to the ages of 12 months old up to 11 years old with a height limit of 145cm. Christine and Rachel always provide the best service and want to make everyone feel included; therefore, they pride themselves on offering a vast range of food options that cater to most dietary requirements. 

Rachel added, “we have a good choice of food and drink with our 5* food hygiene and we cater for everyone including gluten-free, dairy-free and halal options. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and welcoming to all. Our cheese on toast is pretty amazing and is always a highlight for our customers.”

The Main Frame is a key attraction to the centre and Rachel explained what it offers, “we have three large slides, all different so the children can experience the need for speed alongside the tunnel of darkness and also a light open tunnel. At the very top of the play frame we have our new car wash features for the children to push their way through, and we also have a large toddler area which was built in December 2017 to let our younger children grow confident and independent. Lastly, there is a fantastic ball pool with a ball shower and small vortex slide for under 3s.”

Throughout the Summer Jolly Giraffes will be open Monday – Saturday but closed on Sundays throughout August. With the play centres 6th birthday coming soon on Thursday 3rd August, Christine and Rachel invite you to join them on their special day where there will be free cake for everyone who comes along.

For more information, see below.

T 01706 653 656