Rumble Live Action Gaming Experiences: fun for all

In this issue of Community Update, we are delighted to select Rumble Live as the recipient of our Commitment to Excellence Award.

Rumble Live is an award-winning business that offers live outdoor action gaming experiences for everyone: young or old from- corporate team-building, to children’s birthday parties. The family-run company prides itself on exceptional customer service and to date, has received over 150 five-star reviews such as,

“The guns are superb, the setting ideal and the rangers running it are really, really great. It won’t disappoint!”

Parents have gushed that their Fortnite-mad children and teenagers have left their screens at home for once and had the ‘Best Birthday ever.”

Rumble Live is situated in two stunning woodland areas: Grafham Water, Huntingdon and Rutland Water, Oakham. With a centrally-located rangers’ cabin, groups are pitched against each other in a battle of wits and nerves. The gaming experience lasts for one hour, with an additional full health and safety briefing beforehand. Teams need to bring their full game-plan and search for hidden utility boxes throughout the woods, for extra ammo, more lives and secretly, stashed weapons. 

For many video gamers, this is akin to living out your favourite game in beautiful woodland scenery, with your nearest and dearest. The rangers will set the team of gamers a stealthy mission: Map Zulu at Rutland or Map Alpha/ Bravo at Grafham, utilising sniper towers, hides and base camps. 

With the highest-quality kit to hand, gamers use battle rifles to take on shotguns, snipers to mini-guns, rumble grenades to distract and once in possession of the rare battle rifle Pro, are unstoppable in the bid for victory.

In 2020, Rumble Live won the Cambridgeshire Prestige Award for ‘Cambridgeshire Outdoor Activity of the Year’ and since then has grown in popularity, as word of mouth spreads of this action-packed live gaming experience. In May this year, there was a Star Wars themed-day as Rangers dressed in Storm Trooper outfits, with even the heinous-villain Darth Vadar made an appearance! 

The annual ‘family camp out’ on the 30th June was a huge success, with families enjoying clear night sky visibility, from the forest location at Rumble Grafham, all part of the fun annual social Rumble calendar.

For more information or to book your Rumble Live Experience today, see the website below:

T 01480 592135