North Devon VW Campervans ideal for adventurous road trips, surfing and family holidays

In this issue of Community Update, we are delighted to announce Standout Campers as our Service Provider of the Year.

Brits have always had a love affair with campervans: from the VW retro T4 front-mounted, water-cooled engines of the 90’s to the latest eco-sixth generation (T6.) 

MotorConnect estimates that one in three leisure vehicles now sold are campervans: translating to over 4,000 annually. Campervans are popular for many reasons: affordable, adventurous national and European transit holidays, to providing a nomadic base for skilled entrepreneurs or tech-savvy workers. 

Campervans also retain their value over time, unlike motor cars, with many owners lovingly adding custom-made modifications over time. 

Standout Campers provide a unique VW campervan sale and hire service and bespoke campervan conversion service. Established in 2018 by brothers Greg and Brad Webb, this family-run business wants to share their love of campervans with the public. 

Located in Barnstaple, North Devon, the showroom is passed by up to half a million holidaymakers during the summer peak months. Many surfers visit nearby Croyde: one of the best regional surfing beaches and campervans and surfing go together like surfing and swell waves. Beyond surfing, campervans are perfect for family holidays everywhere from the beautiful, Devon coastline, rugged Scottish East coast to picturesque Lake District.

Director Greg Webb specialises in bespoke VW Transporter and Crafter conversions, lovingly turning a basic panel van into a stellar campervan. The six berth VW Crafter is particularly popular, with custom-made adjustments including: iconic pop top roofs, eco-LED lighting, fitted furnishings, ply lining on the walls and floor, fully-fitted insulation with additional swivel seats and fitted white goods. The end result is awe-inspiring, with many customers lost for words at the beautiful interior fittings and stunning exterior.

With Greg’s extensive 22-year history of renovating campervans, he has surpassed VW campervan engineer status to innovator, with in-house designed water tanks that handily hold 68 litres of water. The tanks are placed under the vehicle, with an underslung gas system, removing the gas supply from inside the vehicle. 

For those hesitant about fully committing to buying a campervan, Greg has come up with an ingenious idea,

“We often have couples visiting our showrooms, where one is keener on ownership than the other. We offer a weekend ‘try-before-you-buy’ hire service, where couples can take the campervan on the road, camp up by a secluded Devon beach and really experience life in these surprisingly spacious campervans! The more reluctant party is often fully-converted by the end of the weekend and we then reimburse the cost of the hire off the final purchase price.”

Look out for Standout Campers at the following 2023 trade shows:

Camper Jam: 7-9 July, Western Park

Busfest: 8-10 September, Three Counties Showground, Malvern

For more details, see the website below:

T 01271 624496