Oban community arts space supports local residents

In this issue of Community Update, we are proud to honour The Rockfield Centre with our Commitment to Excellence Award.

The Rockfield Centre in Oban, Scotland, was formed by the Oban Communities Trust in 2014, who took over the ownership of the building and undertook to complete a full programme of renovations of the Victorian primary school. 

“The Rockfield Centre is a registered charity, providing an invaluable resource for the local community and surrounding areas. This community centre offers diverse arts, cultural, educational, and social activities for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. 

The Rockfield Centre is deeply committed to supporting the well-being of community members through a range of practical initiatives,” explains Carol Devine, Head of Operations.

During the bitter, cold winter months, the centre invited local people to use its ‘warm space initiative’ to keep warm. One of the founding tenets of the centre is to support the local community’s well-being and, coupled with the warm space initiative: provided a free family breakfast club to support local families in need.

There is an earmarked fund for local people who cannot afford the ticketed events to ensure that they have access to many of the rich cultural and social offerings, as Carol explains further.

“The centre’s wellness program, which supports individuals with additional needs, loneliness, and those seeking friendships and social connections, is another important resource for the local community. 

Through the monthly Games Night, Songs & Stories, Rockfield Knit, creative walking, and many workshops and activities, the program promotes physical, social, and emotional well-being, supporting community members in their efforts to maintain good health and forge meaningful connections with others.”

The on-site community charity shop further supports those on a low income, providing a wide selection of furniture, ornaments, pictures, paintings, jewellery, bric-a-brac, household items, books, collectables, china, glassware, and office furniture. Local volunteers run the shop, further bolstering the wellbeing of the community spirit.

The Rockfield Centre supports the local economy through The Rowan Room Café, prioritising products sourced within Argyll and offering a social café space for local people to meet others.

There are many exciting events happening across May and into the summer, with highlights including|: the live music album launch by Rebecca Hill and Charlie Stewart, a live performance from Adam Holmes, a three-day course on classical painting techniques by The Scottish School of Classical Art, Lino Printmaking Workshop, National Theatre of Scotland’s production on women’s Backhold wrestling, Magic Gareth’s family magic show, and an immersive family audio experience called ‘The Happiness Collectors.’ 

To enquire about room hire, to see the whole event diary or to donate to the fundraising scheme, see the details below:

T 01631 701921