Northerns finest roofing specialists

At Community Update, we take pride in showcasing the very best services provided by companies that provide a wealth of benefits for their community. As such, in this issue we are proud to announce that we have selected Pilkington & Son Roofing and Guttering as the recipient of our Commitment to Excellence Award.

Established by Chris Pilkington less than 12 months ago, Pilkington & Son has cemented its name as a reputable and respected roofing company to clients across the Greater Manchester and North West of England region.

The 30 years of experience that Chris has developed in roofing have successfully been transferred into his new business where he also takes on a number of young professionals offering them work experience to help enhance and develop their own careers in the industry.

“Since COVID-19, I have noticed a vast number of roofing vans popping up across many locations. For me, this has never been a pop-up business. I’ve worked in this industry for many years and my clientele list is full of satisfied, loyal and happy customers. The experience we can offer is much more than any competitor. The wide range of experience and expertise I have developed and gained over my time in the industry means I can now pass onto the youngsters working with me, and together we deliver a cost-effective, timely, and honourable service. We don’t have a lot of overhead like other companies which is why we offer a high-quality, personable service at a much lower cost and it works,” stated Chris.

From private homes to substantial redevelopment plans across the commercial and industrial sectors, Pilkington & Son Roofing and Guttering’s portfolio of services include all aspects of roofing and guttering, roof replacement, fascias and soffits gutters, chimney repairs, ridges, slates, tiles, and so much more.  “We work on all styles of roofing apart from thatching,” added Chris.

Offering quality roofing solutions that are safe and effective for years to come, we asked Chris how he felt receiving our award and why he thinks customers find them a reputable and well-respected company. 

“We are extremely proud and happy to have received this award as it shows that we are doing something right. As long as we can keep plodding along each year, I’m really proud of what we have already achieved in such a short period of time. As long as our clients are happy and the recommendations keep flowing then we will keep serving them the best way we can.”

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