Successful sustainable food optimising plan for weight loss

In this issue of Community Update, we are delighted to award Slimming World Consultant: Bill Richardson with our Commitment to Excellence Award.

We have rising obesity levels across the UK: 68% of men and 60% of women were considered obese in 2022. The COVID-19 Lockdown also further exacerbated sedentary lifestyles. Slimming World offers an alternative, healthy, flexible approach to eating: family-friendly plans, without obsessive calorie counting and empowering support through weekly support groups.

Slimming World has been expertly supporting members for over fifty years, rapidly becoming a trusted household name across the country. The Food Optimising plan is a highly successful model based on a sensible, pragmatic approach to eating, even including ‘Syn foods’ treats such as some moderated wine, chocolate or favourite condiments. 

Working on the concept of, ‘free food:’ unlimited amounts of pasts, rice, potatoes, fruit n’veg, eggs, lean meat, poultry and vegan plant-based proteins: the plan is inclusive for vegans, vegetarians and you won’t ever have to deprive yourself of carbohydrates! Slimming World isn’t about ‘starving yourself’ but instead radically educating yourself on measured portions, healthy foods and making sustainable choices for your individual lifestyle. 

At the centre of Slimming World is the participation in weekly, motivating IMAGE Therapy group sessions, run by experienced Slimming World Consultants. We chatted with Bill Richardson, Consultant in the Hampshire area to find out more,

“Our groups are where the magic happens: a place to share ideas, inspire and be inspired, make friends, and discover new, healthy lifestyle grooves. The Consultants who run our groups have all been successful members themselves, and they are trained in nutrition and behaviour-change techniques at the Slimming World Academy. 

The main challenge any new member will face is making those food choice changes. At Slimming World, we provide all our members with an education in healthy foods so that they can make those better choices that not only improve their health and well-being, but can fit into their own personal lifestyle to ensure that they can sustain the changes for life.”

Bill lost an incredible 15 stone 2lb during his own Slimming World journey as a member and more importantly, has maintained the loss for five years. After this life-changing experience, Bill began working as a consultant in 2018 to passionately guide others to weight loss, through dedicated empowering support. Bill adds,

“I will leave no stone unturned to help my members achieve their weight loss dreams. For all those that want to live a healthier lifestyle and to make a difference to their lives, then Slimming World is for you!”      

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