The fitness empire inviting you to see your inner VIP

In this issue of Community Update, we would like to award VIP Fitness with our Commitment to Excellence Award for maximising clients’ fitness and wellbeing goals.

As the new year’s resolutions fade away; we wave goodbye to Dry January and Veganuary, we might be struggling to maintain existing or new promises to stay fit and healthy. We caught up with Clare David, owner extraordinaire of VIP Fitness for some motivational mantras,

“I was a corporate bank manager for several years but it took its toll on my health and my family life. I decided to make a change in my career and enter the fitness industry. I started with two private clients and within three years, had over 50. We now provide fitness Apps: 5/2, Vipower spin and YinAsh Yoga from Google Play and Apple and a full range of bootcamps, private fitness training, with a full spectrum of holistic, alternative care treatments.”

Forget couch to 5km: imagine instead a fitness programme, where you are treated like a VIP. Clare knows what it’s like to lack motivation, so each programme is designed with empathy, asking you to put your fitness needs first. The 5/2 is a ‘little pocket instructor,’ with video tutorials guiding you from beginner to advanced, using bite-sized chunks of exercise material. We all know change doesn’t happen overnight, instead smaller, daily exercise will reap the biggest rewards.  The sequential portable videos focus on three separate routines over the course of a week, focusing on abs, upper body, stability and strength. The rest days are built in to the programme, allowing a gradual fitness transformation, with minimal injury risk. Clare’s website is bursting with glowing testimonials, including Catie,

“5/2 improved my mind, body and soul. It is tailored to individual fitness levels and I would highly recommend it to everyone.”

The Vipower spin classes are perfect for people with exercise bikes at home, or need a motivating programme at the gym. The handy App covers high intensity interval training (HIIT), with expertly designed sprints and hill climbs. Vicki, a spin class veteran commented, “My only regret is that I hadn’t started these classes earlier!”

The YinAsh Yoga App provides expert classes from Clare, an internationally qualified Yoga practitioner; giving you yin/yang balance every session. With a whole range of alternative therapies from sound therapy, reiki to massage offered at the Alcester, Warwickshire base, there is a space for quiet holistic calibration.

The private fitness sessions are perfect for clients needing 1:1 motivational sessions, irrespective of ability or fitness level. 

To find out more and to get fit today, see the website below and Apple play and Google play App links: