The power of healing in the modern stress era

In this issue of Community Update, we want to celebrate Louise Claridge Life Coach and Holistic Healer: recipient of our Commitment to Excellence Award for providing empathic wellbeing sessions.

With stress levels rising exponentially; workplace burnout has increased by a whooping 48%, leaving many of us exhausted and often barely functioning. Whilst adults contend with workplace demands, young people are coping with the fallout of social media pressures to be ‘Insta-perfect.’ 

One way forward is to seek help from holistic therapies.  Enter, Louise Claridge, a Bromsgrove-based certified life coach, NLP practitioner and holistic healer. With an extensive background in the healthcare sector, namely nursing, Louise has always been drawn to caring professions. After struggling with her own mental health, Louise turned to holistic healing and began the slow process of recovery,

“We are not built to keep going with everyday pressures we all face. At some point we will break and either suffer mental or physical illness. People forget to eat and drink properly due to being too busy. We all just stopped looking after ourselves.

I started my spiritual awakening journey in 2017/2018 after a Mind, Body & Spirit event. I was hooked. In 2021 I met my Reiki master and began training. Next month, I will complete my Reiki Master training, ready to train others and continue offering in-depth reiki attunement sessions to my clients.”

Louise has a holistic approach to healing: offering reiki, life coaching, NLP sessions, crystal healing, group sound bathing classes and very soon, hypnotherapy sessions. Louise is happy to see clients face-to-face, phone or via Zoom sessions. The impact can be immediate or take time, depending on the client, 

“Every client can benefit differently. We don’t all look the same or feel the same emotions, so clients will heal in different ways with different treatments. 

For example, with reiki and crystal healing clients can notice improvements in sleep patterns, reduced stress and anxiety levels: calming of mind and clarity. Rose Quartz for example, is a great stone for unconditional love and Amethyst relaxes the body and calms an overactive mind.”

With life coaching, they can achieve changes in careers by following set goals and improved health and fitness, changing mindsets from negative to positive.”

Louise welcomes all clients to try something new,

“Most of my clients have traditionally been female but that is changing, I am having more enquiries from men: feeling stuck in their career, interested in sound bathing or just needing a chat! It’s great that men are busting age-old taboos around asking for help!”

To break negative habitual habits, improve overall health and mindsets, contact Louise today or listen to her new Apple Podcast: