Expert cleaning is the backbone of poultry farming 

In this issue of Community Update we are awarding Steve Birchall Poultry Services Ltd with our Commitment to Excellence Award.

Poultry farming is the mainstay of many British farmers supplying to supermarkets and wholesalers. Demand for eggs in restaurants, cafes and household remain high as the lifelong British love affair with omelettes, quiches, crepes and cakes continues. Maintaining a healthy poultry husbandry involves a life cycle of regular veterinary and welfare examinations to thorough, regular cleaning programmes.

Steve Birchall Poultry Services Ltd has been offering a full dry, wet and disinfectant cleaning service for broiler units and lying farms across the country for the last 38 years. With diseases such as avian flu and Newcastle disease threatening flocks of chickens and respiratory illnesses and salmonella affecting the food chain it is imperative that poultry farms remain disease-free. Steve Birchall tells us more about his first-class business

“The importance of disinfecting poultry houses is to control disease and maintain production.  By killing germs on a surface after cleaning; disinfecting can further lower the risk of spreading disease. All our disinfectants are Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) approved which is effective to control disease outbreaks.

Our work takes us all over and we travel from one end of the country to the other. We retain our customers as we understand their needs, and offer them a high-quality service. We are competitively priced and our priority is to always provide top customer satisfaction/service and deliver exceptional results.”

Poultry cleaning involves a three-pronged approach of dry cleaning, hot water washing and disinfecting. All the dust and dirt are removed from the cages, fans, air inlets, walls and ceiling followed by a thorough cleaning of the feeding areas. Following this a pressure washer firmly cleans any residue dirt from the area. Finally, the DEFRA-approved fumigation products leave the area fully hygienic and disease-free.

Steve has been working in agriculture from a young age so moving into poultry husbandry cleaning was a natural choice

“From a young age I spent a lot of time on my grandad’s allotment and had a fascination with the fancy fowl he kept.  Later on, I was a farm manager for the last eight years of my employment. During my time there I got to know many poultry farmers and was approached by one of the farmers who asked me if I would wash his poultry shed for him. In 1985 I started my business and the rest, as they say is history.”


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