Innovative, global farm plastics recycling company spearhead environmental change

Solway Recycling is one of the leading global suppliers of farm plastics recycling systems, with an additional superb range of 100% manufacturer recycled plastic farming products.

Established 23 years ago by Manging Director, Roy Hiddleston, who saw a niche market for precision agricultural recycling. Historically, cross-contamination of plastics proved cumbersome for effective recycling, leading to Roy working on an innovative solution,

“Solway Bin & Liner System segregates different plastics found on farms and in turn, makes it easier to recycle. The bin & liner system is a proven, low-cost system that is used by farmers throughout the UK and Ireland to recycle plastic. These recycled plastics are then used to manufacture our animal housing, garden furniture and Solway Board from 100% recycled plastic, providing a closed-loop ecological system.”

Under The Waste (Scotland) Regulations Act 2005, there is a legal duty of care on farmers to dispose of waste plastics safely, bypassing any adverse environmental harm. The Solway Bin & Liner System provides a complete recycling solutions package for 40,000 farmers across the UK, Ireland and abroad. The large Solway bin is 4ft and when compacted, carries 400kg per liner. The mini 3ft bin is perfect for equestrian businesses and professional landscapers.

Solway Recycling is a leading approved waste handler, allowing farmers to comply to legal waste recycling stipulations. As recycling has become solidified across different sectors, Solway bin liners have diversified to supplying to mobile caterers and football clubs. Roy and his team provide a free drop-off service to the Shawhead, Dumfries base. 

With the recycling service booming, Roy has added a range of 100% manufactured recycled plastic products including: pig arks, lambing and calving pens, animal feeders, dog kennels and poultry housing. We chatted to Roy to find out more,

“The most popular products include the: solway board, poultry housing and the pig arks. I have sold to customers all over the UK and Ireland and further afield: Belgium, Holland, Germany, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Israel, Norway and even the Middle East!

There are some brand new exclusive products now available including the: Solway Board Gate (Sizes 10ft x 4ft, 12ft x 4ft), Gate Hurdles, Standalone Hayracks and Hedgehog Housing.”

All the products can be ordered from the website, see below:

T 01387 730666