Nottingham Lighting Centre is there for the customer, day in, day out

Community Update is delighted to announce the Nottingham Lighting Centre as the recipient of our very own Commitment to Excellence Award. The company offer beautiful lighting fixtures so varied you’re virtually guaranteed to find the lighting fixture you are searching for.

The Nottingham Lighting Centre was previously a part of the lighting company After Dark Lighting, but following a management buyout in 2012, the Nottingham Lighting Centre has been forging their own path in the lighting retail sector. It must be said that they have been doing a stellar job of it.

Significantly, the personnel have remained the same since the buyout, ensuring the seamless transition necessary for the business to continue operating successfully. In fact, the friendly and approachable staff are much of what the stores success is built on. The Nottingham Lighting Centre prides itself on employees with extensive knowledge of their products; they are not just a voice at the end of the phone.

The staff at Nottingham Lighting Centre will try their absolute best to satisfy customer needs; that means understanding what the customer needs and helping them find the right light fixture for them. If it so happens that the customer requires a light fixture not stocked by the Nottingham Lighting Centre, their knowledgeable staff can source the fixture for the customer, ensuring absolute satisfaction.

This is unlikely, however, with over two-thousand lighting fixtures stocked in the large showroom at any one time. If this is not possible, however, the company’s staff will point the customer in the right direction. All measures are taken to ensure the customer is taken care of throughout the entire process.

Projects and new builds are the Nottingham Lighting Centre’s speciality, with staff taking genuine pride in providing the customer with a beautiful fixture just right for their project needs. The lighting specialists also specialise in LED lighting and in supplying commercial premises, for example those in the hospitality industry such as restaurants and hairdressers.

The Nottingham Lighting Centre is also proud partners with David Hunt Lighting, bespoke light fixtures manufacturers based in the idyllic Cotswolds.

Moreover, the Nottingham Lighting Centre design their own lighting fixtures, too – putting their own unique stamp on their extensive range of products – and offer these products at competitive prices.

For more information please get in touch on:
T +44 (0)115 953 7088